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Enagás Renewable, together with Genia Bioenergy as a technology partner, is promoting The Green Vector, a platform for obtaining biomethane from organic waste from agriculture, livestock, the food industry and municipalities.

The platform

The Green Vector’s vocation is to join the existing value chain and provide agents in each link of the sector with tools, technologies and infrastructures that provide an ecological and circular economy alternative to waste management in enabling the correct compliance with European and Spanish regulations.

In this way, TGV will facilitate access to a sustainable management model for all those players who are interested in advancing their business models towards a circular economy and energy recovery from waste and taking part in this type of industrial ecosystems, but who do not have the investment capacity, knowledge or appropriate technology to be able to deploy these types of projects.

A decisive boost to organic waste management and renewable gas production in Spain.

Instalación de Biometano, proyecto gestionado por Enagás Renovable.
Instalación de Biometano, proyecto gestionado por Enagás Renovable.
Logotipo Enagás Renovable, se compone por el texto enagas renovable, con las letras ena en color azul y el resto en un degradado de color verde.

Enagás Renovable has a portfolio of more than 50 specific projects in Spain in the field of renewable gases and decarbonisation, representing one of the largest European platforms for renewable gas projects. The company’s shareholding structure currently comprises Enagás (60€), Hy24 -a joint venture formed by Ardian and FiveT Hydrogen- (30%), Pontegadea (5%) and Navantia-SEPI- (5%).

Enagás Renovable already has several pioneer projects, including the start-up of the first industrial green hydrogen plant in Spain, located in Lloseta (Majorca), and the start-up of the “UNUE” biomethane production plant in Burgos, the latter being the first large-scale biomethane project, with connection to the gas grid, to be carried out in Spain by a private initiative.

Genia Bioenergy is the subsidiary of the Genia Global Energy Group, dedicated to developing, designing, constructing and operating facilities to obtain renewable gas. The Group aims to propose new models and technologies for the generation, use and management of energy based on sustainability and renewable sources.

Genia Bioenergy is a company dedicated to engineering, specialised in renewable gases, biogas, biomethane and organic waste recovery processes (“Waste2Energy”). It has experience in all stages of the energy business, from conceptual or basic engineering, project development, detailed engineering, construction and operation of biogas and biomethane plants, and has the technical and human resources for the comprehensive development of projects, from the identification of opportunities to the location, promotion and administrative processing, project management, construction and operation and maintenance of renewable gas projects.

Genia Bioenergy has extensive experience in the design and execution of projects of varying complexity involving biogas and biomethane for large national and international clients, as well as participation in various R&D&i projects associated with bioenergy.

Planta de Biogás, proyecto gestionado por Genia Bioenergy.
Foto de parte del equipo de Genia Bioenergy en sus oficinas.
Logotipo Genia Bioenergy, se compone por cuatro piedras en equilibrio en lateral izquierdo y el texto Genia Bioenergy en lateral derecho.

I want to be part of The Green Vector platform.

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