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Consumers of Biomethane and Organic Amendments

Strategic partners consuming biomethane produced from organic waste mainly focus on companies consuming the biomethane and farmers using the digestate as compost for cultivation.

What do we need to know about the biomethane consumer?

Biomethane has a composition and characteristics similar to those of natural gas, allowing it to be used for the same purposes. Biomethane is able to provide 100% renewable heat and power for virtually all types of industrial uses, and to meet the main energy needs of households.

Furthermore, decarbonisation in the transport sector, together with the goal of achieving more sustainable mobility, makes biomethane a key biofuel for the automotive sector.

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  • It offers a stable, long-term price.
  • It offers a tailor-made project according to the consumer’s needs.
  • It guarantees the origin of the biomethane and complies with all legal requirements to contribute towards decarbonisation.
  • It allows the possibility of having a biomethane plant for the management of the waste generated in your company.
  • It allows the production of Bio-LNG (liquefied biomethane), a biofuel for use in freight transport companies.

By 2050, 30-40% of Europe’s total gas consumption could be made up of biomethane.

What should we know about farmers consuming digestate?

From the anaerobic digestion process, apart from the biogas that will be transformed into biomethane, we obtain a high quality by-product, called digestate.

Digestate is an excellent organic fertiliser, which, when applied to soil, improves its structure and stimulates crop growth.

It also serves to restore their fertility and increase their organic richness. This by-product must comply with a number of strict criteria of the European standard UNE-EN 13432:2001. For all these reasons, digestate is becoming more greatly demanded and consumed by farmers.

  • It facilitates compliance with regulations on the use of excrement and waste on the field.
  • It contributes to the reduction of pesticide and chemical fertiliser consumption.
  • It ensures that a stabilised product is obtained for application in the field to promote natural fertilisation of crops.
  • It offers the possibility of having the digestate available when the Farmer needs it.
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