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Waste managers and composting companies

Strategic partners moving organic waste are mainly focused on composters and waste managers.

What do we need to know about waste managers?

Waste management involves a series of activities that include collection, transport, storage and treatment, a set of operations aimed at giving the most appropriate usage to the waste produced in a given area, taking into account its characteristics and its possibilities for recovery and marketing.

As an alternative to landfilling, waste managers are committed to the recovery of non-hazardous organic waste in products such as compost, in order to improve the quality of agricultural soils.

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  • It helps to expand its business model with new avenues of profitability.
  • It offers a specialised Marketplace for fair waste management.
  • It offers rapid adaptation to the regulations established at European and national level with regard to waste management.
  • The integration of our projects will make it possible to extend the categories of EWC codes they manage.

The production process of a biomethane plant consists of receiving, adapting and recovering different types of organic waste.

What should we know about composting companies?

Composting companies recover organic waste from industry, food, agriculture, livestock, sewage sludge, etc. for the agricultural sector, subjecting it to a treatment cycle to obtain fertilisers.

  • It offers swift and rapid advice on new regulations and laws.
  • It helps to streamline processes to free up storage space and avoid landfill management costs.
  • It adds value in the face of composting limitations in EWC codes and in the quantities to be composted, expanding composting capacity without having to expand the plant.
  • It offers certified traceability to customers, also providing waste management reports.
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